"You’re from the wind, they told me once. I want to be water, we said to each other again. The truth is that I’m of aquatic fiery flights, like the skin, from the blood, and to the bone. That is how I finally understood it and allowed myself to dream forever."

Cecilia Loffredo

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About me

My work relies in certain points of intersection between Dance and Word. 

I was born in Bahia Blanca, province of Buenos Aires on April 24, 1975. I have been developing artistic teaching proposals for more than 25 years and actively participated in creative research processes with numerous premiered works. My scenic quest is the articulation of different artistic languages. From that perspective I created the Experimental Tango Encounter (Meeting). I was invited as a dancer-actress and teacher to events in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina. 

I studied Ballet, Contemporary Dance and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I entered the universes of tango and theater from non-formal educational contexts. 

I work in the Higher Education Institute of Esquel (Chubut/Patagonia) as a teacher for Visual Arts, Music and Theater. I have been developing my psychoanalytic practice since 2003 in the public as well as in the private sector.

Since 2008 I have been a member of the Grupo Teatro del Tablón, directed by Daniel García Belardinelli, with whom we develop projects that merge dance and theater. Outstanding works of this research are: “I don't know what your eyes have done to me”; “Provocation to the Winter”; “Marathon”; “Bahía Blanca”; and “Neither does my love”.

In 2009, together with Rosalie Wanka (www.rosaliewanka.com), we founded the Cía. Quiero Ser Agua, an artistic exchange platform with production bases in Argentina, Germany, and Austria. The created works of our own authorship and interpretation were presented in Europe and Latin America. Among them: “Late”, “Mariposas” and “El vicio”. In 2014 we closed the cycle of the Company with the project “Escarabajeando or La Mantis Religiosa”, continuing our collaboration under our own name, creating “Body () Territory () Memory” (2016) and “Becoming / Devenir” (2019); "Asymmetrical Encounters" (2021-2023).

During my stay as an artist-in-residence at Villa Waldberta (Germany) 2021, I wrote the play “7 steps”, a work in progress that is projected as a staging, in collaboration with Pablo Bavaro (Visual arts) and Ivana Sparti (dancer- choreographer). 

[Ph: Pedro Guridi]

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In 2023 I was invited by the dancer and teacher Nidia Martínez Barbieri to a period of artistic residency that took place at SITE Stockholm (Sweden). We investigate ideas that articulate theatrical and dance languages.